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Sharon A Winningham, Certified Real Love Coach - Replacing fear and confusion with peace and confidence!
Real Love Melts Monsters!
Read the book "Real Love" and take advantage of the resources on, where you will learn the principles that will make dramatic changes in your individual life and in all your relationships.
Coaching with Sharon Winningham you will learn answers to the following questions:
  • What is the real cause of anger and conflict in relationships of all kinds?
  • What is the real cause of fear and anxiety in our individual lives and in our relationships?
  • What can we do to eliminate anger and confusion in our lives and replace them with peace and confidence?
  • How can we respond in healthy ways to the anger and criticism of others?
  • Why do we often feel helpless and victimized, and what can we do about changing these destructive feelings?
  • What is the real cause of compulsions or addictions in our lives, and how can we respond to them in healthy ways?
  • What can we do to find genuine and consistent happiness, in and out of relationships?
It's really a wise thing to do when we're first in the process of healing from lifelong wounds to as much as possible stay away from people who do not actively nourish us and nurture us and help us to form new judgments. Why? Because while we are in the process of forming new judgments being around people who helped us establish the old false ones is especially injurious. It would be like someone comes in after a car accident and you set their bones and sew up their lacerations then you set them in a hospital bed to heal but every 12 hours or so you pull them out of bed and throw them down the stairs, you don't get very good healing of bones and you don't get very good healing of lacerations if you are going to re-inflict injuries to people. So people need a time to be actively nurtured, nourished, and rested from old injuries and judgments and the same would be true of you. ~Greg Baer 
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Sharon A. Winningham, CRLC
Certified Real Love Coach
Real Love Melts Monsters!
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"While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. That is why I dance."Sharon A. Winningham
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